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Landscape Design deals with design primarily in the outdoor environment.  Landscape Designers create predominantly from a pallet filled with natures fruits.  

While most design professions generally create their works on a macro level with a broad brush stroke, the Landscape Designer works on a more micro level with an intimate knowledge and appreciation of plants, soil science and plant science.  Landscape Design is not limited to the aesthetic arrangement of plants and plant beds but is in general more oriented towards meeting those needs for clients.  

Landscape Design is a profession that varies greatly in acknowledgement and certification from state to state.  Many universities provide degrees in landscape design and many states have established professional recognition for it as a practice.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN, a definition: Involves analysis, planning, design, creation and/or construction of exterior spaces utilizing plant materials and appropriate hardscape elements including incidental paving and building materials.

Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)  was incorporated in February 1989 to bring together persons engaged in landscape design in order to advance their common interests**APLD defines a PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE DESIGNER is an individual who is qualified through education, training and professional experience to practice landscape design for monetary compensation.

**APLD establishes the following as the common interests of Landscape Designers:

bulletEstablish standards of excellence in the delivery of landscape design services. 
bulletEncourage Landscape Designers to achieve and maintain such standards of excellence through participation in
continuing education and professional programs.
bulletPromulgate and enforce the associations' standards of practice. 
bulletKeep Landscape Designers abreast of the latest information and developments in the field. 
bulletProvide a forum for Landscape Designers to share ideas and learn from the experiences of others. 
bulletBroaden the scope of traditional landscape design to new and important areas such as management of the environment and the preservation of historically significant landscapes. 


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